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Gender Scan

A Gender Scan is typically carried out between weeks 18 and 34 of pregnancy. This scan is performed in 2D, with a 3D/4D peek (where possible). As long as baby is in the right position, it only takes minutes to determine the gender. No medical practitioner will guarantee 100% accuracy, but we are happy to provide our opinion up to 95%. We provide all gender scans booked with us a free confetti cannon!

Gender Scan

What Is Included The Gender Scan?

  • 15 minute appointment
  • Confirm and hear baby’s heartbeat.
  • See baby in 2D and 3D on large flat screen TV
  • You will see the baby in 2D and 4D, and receive 8-10 images in 2D and 3D
  • One adult guest is welcome to attend the scan with you.
  • A short 2D visual clip of baby’s heart beating
  • A complimentary Gender Confetti Cannon !

The scan is performed externally using a scan probe on the abdomen. These scans are typically performed in order to

  • Show the presence of a foetal heartbeat
  • Show the baby’s position and fluid level
  • Determine baby’s gender

*If over 18 weeks and the gender cannot be determined due to the baby’s position, we will perform a Just A Look Scan.

Please note that this is not a diagnostic scan and does not replace a scan from your doctor/hospital.

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Hear From Our Customers

Myself and my partner attended Rathgar last week to have a gender scan with Paula and I couldn't have been happier... Amazing experience, amazing images and a comfortable professional environment... I would highly recommend you guys...priceless.

We went for our 3D/4D scan in Derry and it was amazing. This is my fourth pregnancy and first time to have a scan like this. My 3 kids and hubby all were in awe.The first time we went baby was hiding so we had to go the following week but it was so worth it. The staff are friendly and welcoming and so patient, taking lots of time for you to enjoy watching your little miracle on the big flat screen. We got lots of photos and the DVD recording of the whole scan. I couldn't recommend this wonderful experience enough. Thanks from me and mine

Refund Policy

24 Hour Cancellation Policy

We realize that emergencies and other scheduling conflicts arise and are sometimes unavoidable. However, advance notice allows us to fulfill other scheduling needs and keeps the clinic operating at is most efficient level. Due to our one-on-one service, missed appointments are a significant inconvenience to our Sonographer and the other clinic staff. This policy is in place out of respect for our Sonographer, the clinic staff and our other clients.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice

Please provide our office with 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. If you do not attend a scheduled appointment or do not provide 24-hour notice to change a scheduled appointment you may be responsible for the full amount of the appointment cost or a €50.00 service charge. This charge must be paid on or before the next scheduled appointment.

A 24-hour notice allows us to offer that time to another person.

Frequently asked questions
  • What is a 4D scan?

    Using the latest ultrasound technology with our state of the art GE Voluson ultrasound machines, 4D is a moving 3D image. Movement being the fourth dimension. Often it is possible to see baby blinking, yawning, smiling, and sucking their thumb. We also have large flat screen televisions in each of our clinics, wall mounted in front of you for easy viewing during your scan.

  • Does this replace my hospital scan?

    No! This scan is non diagnostic and no measurements are done after 14 weeks of pregnancy. This scan is just to have a look at baby for reassurance, check baby’s heartbeat, and provide a bonding experience. We do not estimate foetal weight or diagnose foetal abnormalities. Should we see an obvious problem, we will of course draw your attention to it, so that it can be followed up by your own doctor and hospital. Please note, at no time does this replace the complete diagnostic ultrasounds done routinely in your own maternity hospital.